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I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey…
- The Criminologist, Rocky Horror Picture Show

LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!: Castiel's Lost Adventures in the Song Remains the Same.

CHAPTER ONE- It's Astounding.

Prairie Court Motel: Honeymoon Suite- 1978

The first thing Castiel noticed when he finally awakened from his coma-like slumber was his own reflection… on the ceiling.

He lay still for a long moment staring up at the curious image gazing back down at him. Jimmy Novak's body was looking worse for wear, which was to be expected. He knew the trip back in time would be physically hard on him, especially with passengers in tow and so his vessel's sickly pallor, disheveled hair and bloodied clothes came as no surprise to the angel.

What was surprising was the gilt edged mirror framed with blinking light bulbs that hung above him flashing out the phrase "SUPER STUD" in neon lights over his puzzled reflection.

What strange place had he landed in? And where were the passengers he had brought with him?

"Dean…?" he called out, "Sam…?"

His voice sounded gravelly… well, more gravelly than usual, and his throat felt like he'd been swallowing sand… A mistake he'd made only once before upon arriving on Earth and first occupying his vessel. He'd long since learned that eating a 'sandwich' had nothing to do with devouring beach granules and that overall it was best to ignore any residual cravings that Jimmy's body might still possess. Seeking out human foods or pleasures only distracted him from his true mission.

And right now that mission involved figuring out where he was and finding the Winchester brothers or their parents before Anna got to any of them.

Daring to sit up he waited for his equilibrium to adjust before taking note of his surroundings. They were... Astounding...

He was situated on a bed that was shaped like a heart oddly enough and covered in red sheets made of some material that he found quite slippery to the touch. The same slippery material covered the multitude of pillows scattered haphazardly over the bed and floor. Pillows shaped like hearts, giant lips and other parts of the human anatomy that Castiel felt it best not to think about at the moment.

The walls were decorated with yet more hearts and silhouettes of humans in various carnal…positions. Most of the furniture had the same gaudy gilt trimming as the mirror he had seen hanging inexplicably over his bed. A huge mirrored ball hung down from the ceiling, spinning slowly and casting a nauseating array of light upon the walls as it reflected the electric candle sconces decorating each corner of the room.

There was a bottle of some alcoholic beverage resting in a bucket on the dresser along with two long stemmed glasses bound together in ribbon and a large floral wreath bearing a banner which read: "Congratulations to the Far-Out Groovy Couple!"

Nothing about the message made any sense to Castiel whatsoever.

The angel was beginning to fear something had gone terribly wrong, that he had completely miscalculated his destination and possibly lost the Winchesters along the way. Then, much to his relief, he saw the tell-tale signs that his friends had indeed survived the journey with him. The doors and window frames were lined with salt and there were protective sigils marked at every entrance way. Sam or Dean had been in this room with him at some point, but it was obvious that neither brother was here now.

He was all alone.

Thinking swiftly, Castiel reached into his pocket for his cell phone. The light that usually flashed on the screen when he flipped it open remained dark and none of the buttons made that delightful beeping sound when he pressed them.

His heart sank as a memory niggled its way into his pain addled brain. Dean had mentioned something about this very thing once when talking about his first trip to the past. Cell Phones didn't work in the 70's because Cell Phones didn't exist in the 70's. That meant he couldn't contact the Winchesters. And with the Enochian Sigils etched into their ribs, he wouldn't be able to locate them by conventional angelic means.

He ran his hands through his thick wavy hair in frustration. He didn't like the idea of his friends facing Anna on their own so he had to find someway to catch up to them.

Another memory came to him at once. Cell phones didn't work in the 70's, but motels usually had other kinds of phones which he had seen the boys use to call for information or whenever Dean wanted a late night snack. He had no need for "Room Service" as Dean called it, but "Information" would be a good place to start.

Rolling towards the bedside table he searched for a phone. He saw what looked like a coiled phone cord dangling down from the table, but it was attached to a pair of plastic red lips. Why had the Winchesters left him in such a disconcerting place! It occurred to him suddenly that perhaps the phone itself was shaped like a pair of lips- everything else in this bizarre room seemed to be shaped like a body part after all.

Before he could explore the lips further, he noticed a box with a large button attached to the bed frame. This looked decidedly more familiar to the angel. He had seen similar boxes with buttons near other beds at times when Sam or Dean or their friend Bobby had wound up in the hospital. It was known as a "Call Button" and it was exactly what Castiel needed to summon help- or perhaps even make contact with the Winchesters themselves.

Happily he pressed the button ready to hear a friendly voice ask him if he needed assistance. Instead he heard a loud bugle call and an electronic voice shout "CHARGE!" just before the entire bed began to shake!

"AHHH!" the startled angel cried out, "HELP!"

The sudden violent quaking sent poor Castiel sprawling face down on the mattress and into the anatomy shaped pillows. He desperately reached out with an unsteady hand and punched a jittery finger against the button hoping to stop the unpleasant motion. But doing so only increased the vibrations. He grabbed hold of the slippery sheets clinging to them for dear life as the mattress began to shift and pulsate beneath him, rocking his body back and forth while the bed frame pounded against the wall.

His stomach churned, his teeth rattled, he felt a tingling sensation coursing through his entire being all the way to the tips of his wings. Every hair on his body stood on end and he could feel his feathers ruffling beneath his trench coat.

"In the name of Heaven!" he called out in a tremulous voice, "Please stop this abominable piece of furniture!"

The bed was shaking so hard now that the sheets beneath him began to slip and slide and soon the angel was being tossed to and fro until he was dumped unceremoniously over the edge with all the anatomical pillows tumbling after him.

He landed hard against the floor and lay there stunned as the just bed's vibrations finally began to slow, grinding to a halt at last as the electronic voice called out from the box: "Well done, Super Stud! Time for a smoke!"

Before he had a chance to recover from his fall a pillow shaped like a giant pair of breasts toppled off the bed landing directly on his face. Mortified, he reached up to knock the oversized downy stuffed mammaries away, but then saw something that he had been too busy averting his eyes to notice before. A folded piece of paper was tucked into the pillow's cleavage, bearing his name and in Dean's handwriting!

He eagerly snatched up the note and read:

"Cas- Welcome to 1978, Buddy. Sorry the landing was a little rough on you, but Sam and I are ok and we're heading off to find the folks. The room is paid for five nights and I've told the management not to disturb you under any circumstances. It's the Honeymoon Suite, so they should be cool and honor the request. With any luck, Sam and I will be able to stop Anna and then meet you back here later. In the meantime just sit tight, rest up and get your strength back. We're counting on you to get us back to the future when this is all over. –Dean. P.S. Try the bed out! Complimentary Magic Fingers, Dude! Awesome!"

Castiel folded the note closed then glared up at the hateful heart-shaped monstrosity.

"Awesome," he deadpanned before carefully picking himself up off the floor.

He stood in the center of the room pondering what to do next. Dean had told him to "sit tight" but after the traumatizing incident on the bed, he didn't dare sit anywhere.

He had no idea how long he had been in the room or how long his friends had been gone. No way of knowing whether they had been successful in finding their parents or if Anna had found them first. They didn't know the rogue angel like he did. She would be relentless in her mission to kill Sam. She would kill Dean if he got in her way and John and Mary as well just to be certain that Lucifer's vessel would never be born. The entire Winchester family could be wiped off the face of the Earth if Anna had her way.

Well, that was something Castiel would not allow. When it came protecting the people he cared about, he could be just as relentless.

Slicking back his hair and straightening his tie he marched towards the door with steely resolve.

"Charge!" he uttered, stepping out into the strange, unfamiliar world of the 1970's.

To be continued…
Castiel's lost adventures in "The Song Remains the Same."

After Castiel transported Dean and Sam to the year 1978 to rescue their parents' from rogue angel Anna, the brothers dropped their semi-conscious pal off in the Honeymoon Suite of a seedy hotel. He reappeared in their motel room in 2010. This is the story of what happened to him in between.

Read on as our favorite nerdy little dude with wings navigates the bizarre and confusing world of the 1970's, finding adventure and peril around every corner, and even Romance!

(I won't spill the beans here, but it's with a character you'd probably never suspect... and no it's not Dr. Frank N Furter ;-)

Since this takes place during the Episode "The Song Remains the Same" there are obviously spoilers for that. There's also a semi-original character who first appeared in my fic "Of Terminators and Training Wheels". It's not necessary to read that story before reading this one as he introduces himself and explains his backstory once he appears on the scene (a few chapters from now)

Warnings for Mild Cussing, and strong sexual innuendo. There's no slash, but there are lots of slashy implications. Equal opportunity innuendo in other words. Also, there is a LOT of Castiel Whumpage in this story... Please don't call Angel Protective Services on me!

I don't own and didn't create the characters of Supernatural, or any of the other popular 70's characters which Castiel will meet on his adventures.

Comments, reviews, feedback are all welcome and appreciated.

More to follow soon!
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HalfBloodAlchemist Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010

POOR CASTIEL!!!!! His first experience with a magic fingers and he be so traumatized. XDDDDD

I shall read the other chapters soon!!!! this is cute!

(No Dr. Franknfurter? Damn....)
GirlyGhoul Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2010
Yes, definitely frazzled his feathers ;-) And Dr. Frank 'N' Furter is coming in a way- you'll see. Poor Castiel's going on quite an advernture and will meet MANY different folks. This is a very insane story MA HA HA!!

Thanks for the feedback and the flaily Muppet is always a Joy!

EmonyJade Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
OMFG. you didn't.

GirlyGhoul Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2010
LOL! Sure, come up to the lab and see what's on the slab! MA HA HA!! Err, follow me, that is ;-)!

(I knew there had to be more RHPS fans out there, Wa ha!)


This'll be poor Cas's crazy trip through the 70's so he'll meet lots of crazy characters- but RHPS does play a big part in his adventures.
EmonyJade Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
GirlyGhoul Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2010
I've put up all the chapters up to the BIG RHPS scene. Will probably have that up tomorrow- and BOY HOWDY is poor Cas in for it! MA HA HA!!
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